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    Navigating Diplomatic Waves: EaseMyTrip’s Bold Move to Suspend Maldives Bookings

    In a surprising move, EaseMyTrip, a prominent online travel company, has recently announced the suspension of all flight and hotel bookings to the Maldives. This decision comes on the heels of derogatory remarks made by Maldives ministers against India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The co-founder and CEO of EaseMyTrip, Nishant Pitti, took to social media, specifically X (formerly Twitter), to make this announcement. CEO’s Announcement: “In solidarity with our nation, @EaseMyTrip has suspended all Maldives flight bookings,” Pitti declared in a tweet, expressing the company’s stance against the offensive statements made by Maldives ministers. This move indicates the company’s commitment to aligning with national sentiments and values. Reasons Behind…

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    Is Fatima Sana Shaikh’s film “Dhak Dhak” based on a true story?

    1. Introduction In the vast tapestry of cinematic storytelling, “Dhak Dhak,” crafted by the visionary Tarun Dudeja, transcends the label of a mere film. It unfurls as a profound journey into wanderlust, captivating audiences and delving into the transformative essence of travel. This article embarks on a comprehensive exploration of the movie, tracing its recent release and the curiosity it has ignited regarding its roots in reality. 2. Tarun Dudeja’s “Dhak Dhak”: A Journey into Wanderlust Setting the stage for this cinematic odyssey, we delve into the directorial prowess of Tarun Dudeja. This section introduces the director’s vision, emphasizing the film’s overarching theme of wanderlust and the transformative experiences woven…